Privacy policy

Personal data is individual information about personal or material circumstances of a specific or identifiable natural person. Information that relates exclusively to legal entities but not the natural persons behind them, is not regarded as personal data.

What data is affected by this?

Basically, You can visit our platform without revealing your identity. Nevertheless, participation in the platform requires registration. For this some fields need to be completed (required and non-required fields), then You can apply for a user name and a password.

When You access our website, also as an unregistered visitor, certain user data is automatically saved, such as your IP address, browser type, the date and time of access, etc. This user data is treated anonymously, and is not stored for further use. An exception is your e-mail address, which is stored, and upon contact, that is after your registration, other personal data given to us by You as user will also be stored.

How is your personal data used?

TEAM-Consulting Europe GmbH uses and processes your personal data for the purpose of providing You safe, effective participation in the platform. Furthermore, your personal data is used and processed for the purpose of invoicing You for the services used by You.

The data given during your registration will be used in the context of processing bids, in compliance with the general data protection regulations applicable to the platform. You have given your consent to this during your registration by giving your details.

The vendors of vehicles advertised on the platform, their personal data will not be disclosed, the information will remain anonymous. The name, address, contact details, telephone number, e-mail address of persons submitting a bid for the vehicle, primarily the highest bidders will be sent to the Client, that is the vendor of the vehicle on a bid sheet.

TEAM-consulting Europe GmbH also reserves the right to subject your personal and company data, as far as permitted by law, to a credit rating check, and to use the services of a third Party, that is an expert company for this.

TEAM-consulting Europe GmbH will store your data, in compliance with all applicable legal and ethical expectations and requirements, only for the time absolutely necessary for achieving the purpose thereof.


Data packets sent by a web server and stored by the web browser.

Cookies are generated by the web server itself by means of the web browser on the computer of the user, where they are stored in a separate directory. Then the web browser sends the content of the cookie back to the web server whenever a page is downloaded, thus it can return the page according to the settings of the user.

Contrary to popular belief, cookies cannot be used for spying or the unauthorized collection of information, as the web server can only read from the cookies data it has written into them (that is data it already has for example because the user has given it, or because it is not relating to the user).

In addition, each website can only read its own cookies, thus web servers cannot steal data from or spy on the cookies of each other.

We use cookies, and they are technically justified as they collect mostly anonymous information, for example on the pages visited, and search related data. When You visit our platform, we do not collect any personal data without your consent.